China Us Trade Agreement Clauses

The China-US trade agreement has been a hot topic in recent years, with both countries in a constant struggle to formulate a mutually acceptable agreement. Amidst the talks and negotiations, several clauses have been proposed that aim to address the concerns of both countries, and ensure a fair and balanced trade relationship.

One of the key clauses that have been discussed in the China-US trade agreement is intellectual property protection. Intellectual property infringement has been a significant issue for the US, especially in regards to China`s less stringent copyright laws. Therefore, the proposed clause ensures that China will enforce strict intellectual property laws to prevent theft of American technology and other intellectual property.

Another essential clause in the trade agreement is regarding the trade deficit between the two countries. The US has had a significant trade deficit with China for many years, and this has been a source of contention between the two countries. The proposed clause aims to reduce this trade deficit by increasing American exports to China and decreasing imports from China.

The trade agreement will also address issues related to market access and investment, as China has been known to restrict access to its markets, particularly for American companies. The proposed clause aims to provide greater market access for American companies in China and ensure that American investors are treated fairly and equally to Chinese investors.

Furthermore, the trade agreement will address the issue of currency manipulation. China has been accused of undervaluing its currency to make its exports cheaper, giving it an unfair advantage in international trade. The proposed clause ensures that China will refrain from manipulating its currency to gain an unfair trade advantage.

The proposed clauses in the China-US trade agreement cover a range of issues and aim to ensure a fair and balanced trade relationship between the two countries. While negotiations are ongoing, it is essential that both sides work towards a mutually acceptable agreement that benefits both countries and their economies.

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