Physical Properties:
Presentation: solid, in powder form;
Color: light to mid-brown;
Smell: typical poultry meal, without rancid.

Protein: >60%
Fat: 15-17 %
Ash: <18%
Moisture: < 9 %
Peroxide Value: < 5 meqO2/kg fat



Poultry meal wholesale

Poultry meal wholesale, best quality poultry meal. It is made of the milled, rendered, and cleaned parts of the carcasses of slaughtered poultry. Our meal ingredient is primary Inedible tissues comprising the raw materials including the heads, necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, intestines, and skeletal frames from which muscles have been removed. As a Brazilian company with poultry farms, we export the best quality poultry meal worldwide. Poultry Meal is used in the sense of an ingredient that has been ground or otherwise reduced in particle size. It is used only in Animal Feed/Pet food.

Poultry meal plays a very important role in the nutrition of animals by representing a substantial portion of the high-quality protein and fat in modern companion animal diets. Thus because we know the importance of poultry meals for your animals we source the best poultry meal for the nutrition of your animals. Premium Bulk poultry meal supply.

Specification of Poultry meal

Poultry protein meal is commonly included at 5 to 40% and can contribute in excess of 85% of the dietary protein and 30% of the dietary fat.  Agro market Brazil makes sure to get the best quality end product for our clients because we know the risk that may cost if changes to the quality or composition of the protein or fat in poultry protein meals can have profound effects on the nutritional value of the diet

Specifications: Standard Low Ash
Protein 60% min 65% min
Ash 20% max 15% max
Fat 15% max 15% max
Moisture 8% max 8% max
Fiber 2% max 2% max
Calcium 5% max 5% max
Phosphorous 2,5% min 2,5% min
Protein digestibility 85% min em 0,2% Pepsina 85% min em 0,2% Pepsina